Padlet Assignment: Undrowned: Black Feminist Lessons From Marine Mammals (2020)

Your final assignment for the quarter is to create a visual “study board” as we work through Undrowned by Alexis Pauline Gumbs. There are two main parts to the assignment:

Part 1: Create Your Padlet

    • You will need to sign up for an account:
    • The accounts are free, and you can use privacy settings to set account to private so that only those with the URL can see your Padlet
    • As we read the book, please look up 1-2 references from each chapter of something you’d like to learn more about. It can be an organization, person mentioned, historical event, music, whatever interests you. It can also be more information on one of the marine mammals. I’d rather not have links to Wikipedia, so please take your research at least one step beyond this.
    • You need at least 19 entries on your Padlet (one for each section/chapters).
    • It’s great if you’d like to pull a quote from Undrowned to place on your Padlet (be sure to use quotation marks and page numbers), but you also need a link for an additional reference mentioned in either the quote or somewhere else in that section. In other words, please don’t simply put a quote or a picture — each entry needs a link.

    Part II: Artist Statement

    You will also be asked to turn in a short artist statement about the choices you’ve made in constructing your Padlet. Your statement should be 2-3 paragraphs and one full page in length (single spaced) or two pages (double-spaced). Please organize your statement as follows:

      • Description of the project’s form (paragraph #1)
        • This is sometimes called the “medium” of a project. Please explain the overall format of your Padlet layout. Focus on the visual and organizational choices you’ve made.
      • Description of your choices overall in terms of content (paragraph #2). This is a good place to make direct connections to Undrowned, including quotations from the text. Please include at least 2 quotations.
      • Description of at least two entries in detail, drawing on key concepts from the course (paragraph #3). Please include quotations (and citations) from at least two other texts in the class.