Case Study Part I: Data Manipulation

Using the Performance Lawn Equipment dataset, complete the following data manipulation. Each process should be completed on a separate worksheet.

Save the following in an Excel file titled “CaseStudyPart1yourname”. The following worksheets should be included in the file.

Worksheet 1. Create a distribution with the Dealer Satisfaction data to display the total number of responses to each level of the survey scale by year combining all regions.

Worksheet 2. Using the =COUNTIF function, count of the number of failures in the worksheet Mower Test. Place the command in cell FI of the Mower Test

Worksheet 3. The following are prices for PLE products for the past five years:

Year Mower Price Tractor Price

2014 $150 $3,250

2015 $175 $3,400

2016 $180 $3,600

2017 $185 $3,700

2018 $190 $3,800

Create a new worksheet to compute gross revenues by month and region, as well as worldwide totals, for each product using the data in Mower Unit Sales and Tractor Unit Sales.

Worksheet 4. Using the Mower Industry sales data and the Industry Mower Total Sales data, determine the market share for PLE Mowers for each region by month, and the average market share by region over the five-year span of data.