Use the sites listed below to answer the prompt.

  • The site of the National Center for Education Statistics, a government effort to collect and analyze data about education in the United States and other nations:
  • Access to ERIC, the comprehensive collection of research and ideas about all facets of education:
  • Site of Education Week on the Web, a weekly journal with news, evaluation, and analyses of various aspects of education:
  • Links to an external site.
    • Hint: Though informative, the site is less likely to offer data and/or academic sources


i.) The text points out that American elementary and high school students do not score as high on tests of math and science as do students in many other nations.

  • Find information on math and/or science in Japan or one of the European nations.
    • Hint: Search for ‘comparative studies ‘ and/or ‘math scores,’ ‘science scores,’ ‘educational attainment,’ etc.
  • What are they doing that can help explain the higher scores?
  • What recommendations would you make for American schools to close the gap in the scores?
    • Explain your answer(s) and cite sources properly.
  • Based on your comparisons, what do you think could improve educational success rates among Americans compared to these other nations? And why?
    • Comparatively, what do you think is missing from your educational experiences?