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Subject of the paper: Nursing

Requirement: Instructions for this assessment task: Case Study Scenario It is the AM shift in an acute rural hospital and you are allocated to care for Jo an 85-year-old man diagnosed with end stage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Jo retired as a dairy farmer 5 years ago and consequently moved into the local township. He was widowed two years ago. Jo has one son, David (67) who lives 500km away but they speak weekly on the phone. Jo is eating minimal amounts of food and only drinks a few sips of water each shift. He spends most of the time sleeping and needs assistance with all of his activities of 2 daily living (ADLs). When he is asked a question, he sometimes opens his eyes but does not speak.

Critically discuss the registered nurse’s role and required professional qualities for effective management of the older person’s EOLC. Your critical discussion should explain how the registered nurse will enact their role to provide quality and safe EOLC.

Other information: APA Format, minimum 1500 words (+/- 10%) . At least 15 referneces should be used to write the paper.


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