For each of the essays you choose to write about for your final paper (see final paper guidelines), you will have to write a 2 page exegesis which aims at breaking down and explaining the argument. To be clear: it’s 2 pages PER reading. Since there are two such readings, that’s at least 4 pages. Given that the readings are quite long, there are a few ways you could go:

  • you could give a broad and shallow account of the reading as a whole;
  • or you could give a deep and narrow analysis of a particular passage.

I’ll leave that up to you. Below are some details and tips on how to provide an exegesis

  • Give a thorough philosophical exegesis of the relevant aspects of A’s and B’s theories
  • This should be where you show that you understand the arguments of the philosophers that are covered in a particular topic.
  • You DO NOT need to explain everything in complete detail, but you should justify how and why you are narrowing your focus.
  • This should be completely neutral — just a succinct presentation of the arguments that isn’t influenced by or that mentions the case.