4) Prepare a comprehensive paper covering each of the six real estate licensing courses. RELE 1200 – Contracts Forms and Addenda RELE 1201 – Principles of Real Estate I RELE 1238 – Principles of Real Estate II RELE 1211 – Law of Contracts RELE 1219 – Real Estate Finance RELE 2201 – Law of Agency The completed paper must be well thought-out and include an introduction, a conclusion, and describe the specific relevance and application of the concepts, principles and regulations learned in each of these courses. These are just a few suggestions on how to include valuable content in your paper. Brief Introduction to the writer or the path to licensing and why this is important. Each course Define the specific course objective – key learning objectives What did you learn and why is it important? How does this knowledge better prepare you for your career? Who benefits from this knowledge or subsequent regulations? How does this course(s) support the Texas Canons of Professional Ethics and Conduct? Fidelity Integrity Competency Consumer Information Discriminatory Practices Information about Brokerage Services Have you had an experience in your co-op where this knowledge was related? Brief conclusion – summarize the overall intent conveyed in the collective courses and how this education and experience might benefit you, your family, your career, the consumer, the real estate industry ** These are merely suggestions – An aide to help students prepare a well-planned and intentional essay. Remember: 6-8 pages for RELE 1381 Students (one page per course) OR 12 to 14-pages for RELE 2381 Students (two pages per course)